What to Eat in Egypt – A Information to Conventional Egyptian Meals

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One factor that caught in my thoughts while visiting Egypt was that the Nile is the nation’s supply of life. It has been for 1000’s of years, with the primary calendars of the Historical Egyptians being primarily based on the flooding season and celebrating the harvest. The standard Egyptian meals is a celebration of the land and the native components that develop alongside the shores of the Nile, and a lot of the native dishes have their origins in Historical Egypt.

At any time when I journey to a brand new nation, certainly one of my essential pursuits is to strive the native meals. And Egypt was no exception. I used to be trying ahead to attempting out the standard Egyptian meals, not figuring out a lot about it beforehand.

I keep in mind the primary time I ate Egyptian meals, cooked for me in a small studio residence on the outskirts of Bucharest. I met Aref on Couchsurfing a number of years earlier than, on a chilly New Yr’s Eve, the primary certainly one of my very own after my grandmother died. He was on his personal in a international metropolis, I used to be feeling down, so with out an excessive amount of hesitation I made a decision to satisfy up with him and go to the NYW live performance within the centre of Bucharest. I grabbed a bottle of champagne on the way in which, and we spent the passing of the 12 months collectively, counting downwards with 1000’s of different individuals round us. A number of years handed till I randomly met him once more, on a bus. By then he was a pupil on the College of Medication, coaching to be a physician. As we have been each going in numerous instructions, he invited me to his place for dinner, to catch up. That’s when he cooked koshari for me, the Nationwide dish of his residence nation, Egypt. On the time I keep in mind pondering what a mixture of totally different components this dish was.  After I had booked my first journey to Egypt I remembered my transient encounter with Arif, and I used to be excited to strive koshari once more. 

In regards to the Egyptian Delicacies

A table in the market, filled with gray bowls. Each bowl has a different spice, herb or tea leaves in it.

The Egyptian delicacies relies on greens, legumes and fruits grown within the fertile soil of the Nile Valley. Lots of conventional Egyptian dishes are vegetarian, making the nation an important vacation spot for individuals who select to not eat meat. Alongside the coastal areas, fish and seafood dishes are additionally in style. In terms of meat, rooster, pigeon, duck, and lamb are favoured probably the most.  Practically the entire grains cultivated and ate in Egypt are wheat, rice, and barley.

Spices are closely used to make Egyptian dishes, and you can find them available for purchase contemporary in all souks. While the Egyptian meals is just not spicy, this can be very flavoursome. The most typical spices used within the Egyptian delicacies are cumin, cardamon, bay leaves, aniseed, coriander, ginger, mint, and cloves.

In terms of drinks, the most typical drink in Egypt is tea. You’ll battle to seek out alcoholic drinks, until you keep at a luxurious lodge or take a cruise on the Nile. Most eating places I dined at didn’t serve alcohol.

What to Eat in Egypt 

Two vertical rotisserie, one with beef meat and one with chicken

Egyptian meals is comparatively easy however extraordinarily filling because of the excessive quantity of carbs served which every meal. A lot of the conventional Egyptian dishes concentrate on one essential ingredient which is cooked with loads of herbs and spices. Aside from koshari, which is a mix of every little thing.

In case you are concerned with studying extra in regards to the Egyptian meals, take into account taking a meals tour or a cooking class in Cairo. Try some choices beneath:

Fundamental Dishes

Lots of the conventional Egyptian meals have their roots in Historical Egypt. Tasting these Egyptian dishes is not only a scrumptious culinary expertise, but additionally a visit again into historical past, 1000’s of years in the past, when the land was cultivated with the identical greens, pulses, and grains as at present.


A photo of koshari, the national dish of Egypt

Koshari is the nationwide meals of Egypt. It consists of a mix of lentils, rice, chickpeas, pasta, fried onions, and lemon juice, served alongside a tomato chili sauce. By itself it’s fairly bland, however when you add the tomato sauce, the dish involves life.

The koshari has an attention-grabbing historical past in Egypt, originating someday throughout the 19th century as “the meals of the poor”. It is usually believed that the dish has been influenced by the Coptic Christians who had a vegetarian weight loss plan after they have been fasting for lent. The dish is stuffed with carbs, and it’s made to make you’re feeling full, even should you eat a small portion.

Koshari is offered in all places in Egypt, from road meals stalls to luxurious eating places. Some eating places concentrate on koshari and that’s all they promote. Ordering koshari is simple, all you need to select is the scale after which determine whether or not or not you need the tomato sauce as properly.  I extremely suggest you do. 

Ful Medames

A breakfast spread on a rustic table. There are two bowls of ful medames, two plates with an omelette on it each and a bowl filled with falafel in the middle.

If koshari is the staple dish of the nation, then ful medames is the standard breakfast in Egypt. It consists of mashed fava beans blended with oil, salt, and totally different spices as toppings.

It isn’t a handsome dish, however it has a lot flavour in it. It’s often served alongside heat Egyptian bread and, typically, falafels.

It’s believed that ful medames has its origins in Historical Egypt, as beans have been a extremely cultivated crop again then. Again within the Center Ages, this dish was principally discovered across the public bathtub in Cairo. After they closed the fires continued to burn, so the cooks would profit from them and simmer large pots full of fava beans. By morning, the beans have been cooked, and so they have been capable of present breakfast for the inhabitants of Cairo.

You could find ful medames in all places, as a road meals or for breakfast in your lodge’s restaurant.


A plate of fattah: the rice sits in the middle and is surrounded by dried bread pieces. On top of the rice there is the meat, covered with a white sauce. The dish is sprinkled with chopped green parsley

Fattah is a vital Egyptian meals, often eaten at main celebrations corresponding to weddings, births or for Iftar throughout Ramadan. It consists of lamb or beef meat served on high of rice, alongside crispy bread and a vinegar or tomato sauce.

Even when it’s an important day dish, you’ll simply discover Fattah within the eating places round Cairo. I attempted it on the café within the prepare station, while ready for my prepare to Aswan.

Nubian Meals

A metal tray on a table covered with a red table cloth. On the tray there are five different dishes. Next to it, there is a basket with flatbreads cut in half.

As quickly as I arrived in Aswan, I used to be advised that I’ve to check out the Nubian meals, as it’s totally different to the everyday Egyptian dishes. I went to a restaurant within the Nubian village, however it was too busy, so as a substitute I ended up having dinner with an area. The feast was cooked by his spouse, who ready 5 totally different dishes together with roast rooster, Nubian tagine, contemporary salad, and Egyptian bread.

I extremely suggest you to have an area dinner expertise in a Nubian village, if you go to Aswan. In case you are not as fortunate as I used to be to get invited by an area, you possibly can at all times guide a tour that can take you to an area’s home for dinner. Click on right here to take a look at this feature.


A green soup inside a brown terracotta bowl.

Mulukhiyahis a type of dishes that you simply both like otherwise you don’t. It’s constituted of jute leaves and has a reasonably slimy texture. It tastes bitter, however it’s served with lemon to tame the flavour. In addition to the inexperienced plant, Mulukhiyah additionally incorporates garlic and coriander. It’s often served alongside a bit of meat, corresponding to roast rooster or lamb, and rice. Within the coastal cities, Mulukhiyah is served with fish or seafood.

It’s believed that Mulukhiyah is one other dish that originated within the Historical Egypt. 


A plate with two halves of peppers cut on the length, filled with a mixture of rice, breadcrumbs, onions.

One other in style Egyptian meals is Mahsi, also called rice stuffed greens. Often this dish incorporates greens corresponding to bell peppers, aubergines, courgettes or tomatoes. The pulp is taken out and the within is full of a mix of rice, seasoned with tomatoes, onions, and totally different herbs and spices. They’re then put in a pot, coated with broth, and steamed for a number of hours, till tender.

Mahsi is a really filling dish and an ideal alternative for vegetarian travellers to Egypt. 


Two grilled pigeon breasts on a white plate

Pigeon is a delicacy in Egypt. You will see that eating places that solely serve stuffed pigeon. On the Nile cruise I took, we regularly had pigeon for lunch or dinner, labelled as rooster. It couldn’t have been rooster although because it was extraordinarily small.

One of the vital in style methods to eat pigeon in Egypt is filled with rice or wheat and herbs. The chook is boiled first till it’s cooked, then it’s grilled or roasted. The stuffing is sort of fragrant, with loads of herbs in addition to cinnamon, nuts and cumin.

Fish Sayadiyah

A deep tray filled with a red fish stew

Fish Sayadiyah is a well-liked Egyptian dish discovered alongside the coastal cities corresponding to Alexandria. The title of the dish interprets as fish with rice, seasoned with a spice combine referred to as Baharat with consists of an array of fragrant condiments.

The dish is often served as a stew, with tomato sauce and onions. This can be very flavoursome Egyptian meals, and a should strive.


Bamya interprets as okra stew. It may well comprise lamb, however a lot of the instances I’ve had this dish, it was vegetarian. It’s a tasty dish, however I wasn’t very eager on the feel of the vegetable, which is sort of slimy as soon as it’s cooked.

Egyptian Mezze

In Egypt, mezze refers back to the appetisers you order earlier than your essential meal. These small dishes are supposed to be shared and the choice can embody each cold and warm meals. Listed below are a few of the typical dishes you can find on an Egyptian mezze platter.

Egyptian Bread

A photo of the market. In the front there are a few roosters standing on top of a cage. Behind, a man carrying a basket full of flatbreads on his head, is passing by.

Bread is essential in Egypt. For example, for breakfast on the cruise, we used to have at the very least ten various kinds of bread to select from. Probably the most well-known Egyptian bread is the eish baladi, a fluffy flatbread baked from wheat flour. It has been consumed in Egypt for the reason that Historical instances, when it was baked in crimson clay ovens constituted of the mud of River Nile.

To understand how essential bread is in Egypt, the interpretation of “eish baladi” is “conventional life”.

Probably the most genuine place to purchase bread from is the market.  Search for the boys carrying the bread on large flat baskets balanced on their heads.

Falafel – Ta’meya

Green beans falafel, with a flat round shape, on a white napkin.

Ta’meya is the Egyptian model of falafel. While across the Center East the falafel is constituted of chickpeas, in Egypt fava beans are used as a substitute. One other distinction is that in Egypt, the falafel are flat reasonably than having a spherical form.

It’s believed that the falafel originated in Egypt when the Coptic Christians regarded for meat options to eat throughout lent.

You will see that falafel often for breakfast. My lodge in Cairo served home made inexperienced beans falafel on my first day in Egypt, and so they have been scrumptious.


A platter of kibbeh sat on a bed of green salad, orange and cucumber slices.

Kibbeh is comparable with the falafel, however it’s made with floor meat, and it isn’t vegetarian. The meat is blended with spices after which filled with a mix of bulgur, onions, and spices. It’s then deep fried or baked. It’s often eaten with a dip of tahini or yogurt.

Baba Ghannoug

A bowl of baba ganoush decorated with chopped pieces of red and green peppers.

I don’t actually like aubergines due to their mushy texture, however give me baba ghannoug and I’d eat your entire bowl. Additionally recognized across the Center East as baba ganoush, this dip is constituted of chopped grilled aubergines blended with lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, parsley, salt, and pepper. Typically, tahini is added as properly. I beloved that the Egyptian baba gannoug didn’t have that overpowering cumin style like its relative from Lebanon for instance.

Egyptian Cheese – Gibna Beida

A breakfast spread on a black and white marble table, with a view over the Pyramids. On one of the plates there are two types of cheese, a white one and a dark yellow one.

I used to be shocked to seek out out that cheese has its origins within the Center East, and that it could possibly be so long as 5,000 years in the past. Traces of cheese have been discovered inside a tomb in Saqqarra, the necropolis of Memphis, the traditional capital of Egypt. It’s thought that the alabaster jars full of cheese have been positioned contained in the tomb typically round 3,000BC.

At this time, cheese could be very in style in Egypt and served principally with breakfast. I had it nearly daily and couldn’t get sufficient of it. The white, salty cheese resembles feta, however it has a a lot creamier texture. It’s constituted of buffalo or cow milk and tastes scrumptious. It is usually often known as Domiati cheese.


A bowl of tehina sauce, decorated with oil and paprika. There is a metal spoon on top of the bowl.

It took me a superb few days to do this sauce, as I wasn’t satisfied by its watery texture. At first, I assumed it might be a really free hummus. As soon as I attempted it out although, I went for it each time I ate meat. It’s a easy sauce constituted of tahini, lemon juice and garlic, that enhances meat so properly.

Egyptian Road Meals

A red and white food cart in Alexandria

Road meals could be very in style in Egypt. And no surprise, as you should purchase a lot of the conventional dishes in Egypt from road distributors. I’ve at all times stated that road meals is a giant a part of a rustic’s tradition, so ensure you don’t overlook it if you go to Egypt. I had some superb road meals dishes, even when typically I didn’t actually know what I used to be ordering.

Road Meals Wraps

A chicken wrap next to french fries, on a white plate

I ate fairly a little bit of road meals throughout my 10 days in Egypt. It is because basing myself in a lodge close to the Pyramids, meant that a lot of the eating places round have been overpriced and touristy. Nevertheless, I did discover a number of holes within the wall promoting totally different wraps. As I don’t know Arabic and the distributors didn’t communicate a lot English, all I understood was “wraps”.  

The wraps got here with totally different fillings. My favorite was rooster, which was marinated after which cooked on a scorching flat grill. It was then put inside a wrap, crisped up, and served with fries and tahini sauce. Scrumptious!

My solely recommendation with road meals, particularly rooster, is to at all times guarantee that the meat is cooked in entrance of you and it’s piping scorching if you obtain it.


A close up photo of a shawarma, half eaten to see the meat in the interior

Rising up in Romania, Shawarma is certainly one of my favorite road meals. Figuring out how scrumptious it’s in my residence nation, I used to be trying ahead to attempting out the Egyptian model.

Shawarma is a well-liked road meals not simply in Egypt however in lots of locations across the Center East and so far as Europe. While the Shawarma I’m used to was impressed by the Turkish kebab, it has fairly a number of similarities with the Egyptian model.

In Egypt, you possibly can select between rooster and beef for the protein within the wrap. I selected beef, because it’s safer than rooster in relation to road meals. The meat is grilled over a vertical rotating rotisserie, after which shaved thinly with a large knife. The meat is put inside a flatbread, with greens, tomatoes, and tahini sauce. The flatbread is then rolled and pressed on the grill, to crisp up. The result’s scrumptious!  


Boxes of dried fish in front of a shop, in Alexandria

Feseekh is a controversial Egyptian meals that you can find principally throughout the historical Sham el-Nessim competition, which celebrates the start of the spring.

The dish consists of fermented, salted, and dried gray mullet. The fish is dried within the solar earlier than being fermented in salt.


A grill near a street stall. On the grill there are pieces of meat, cooking.

Kofta is one other nice road meals that you could eat if you go to Egypt. You will note grills within the streets throughout Cairo, with steel skewers holding a mix of floor beef and lamb seasoned with onions, garlic, herbs, and spices.

Koftas are often served with Egyptian bread, salad and totally different sauces.


This Egyptian pie is one other dish that has its origins in Historical Egypt. Again then, it was an providing to the Gods. At this time, it’s a signal of hospitality, as locals will usually supply it to welcome their visitors.

Fateer is a layered pie with or with out filling. The layers of dough are brushed with ghee and will be plain or full of floor beef, cheese, chocolate unfold, and even honey and jam.

Locals usually discuss with fateer because the Egyptian pizza because of the many alternative fillings it might have.


Hawawshi is without doubt one of the newly created Egyptian meals, developed in 1971 by an Egyptian butcher. It’s a savoury pie constituted of a pita bread full of a mix of minced meat and spices, after which baked within the oven.

Liver Sandwiches

Should you go to Alexandria and don’t thoughts being adventurous, check out the liver sandwiches. The offal is chopped into small items and cooked along with peppers, garlic, chili, and cumin. To create the sandwich, the meat is put inside a baguette or bread roll and served with inexperienced chilies and lemon slices.

Baked Candy Potatoes

One other in style road meals, particularly round Cairo, are the baked candy potatoes. You should purchase them from small carts, everywhere in the metropolis, principally in winter. These carts bake candy potatoes solely, all day lengthy.

Egyptian Desserts

In terms of desserts, Egypt is just not going to disappoint you. There are such a lot of various kinds of baked pastries, muffins, cookies and puddings to check out, that you’d want at the very least a month within the nation to strive all of them. Here’s a spotlight of the preferred desserts in Egypt 


Triangular slices of baklava sat on top of each other on a white plate

Baklava is a extremely popular dessert everywhere in the Center East, and I used to be anticipated to seek out it in Egypt as properly. I used to be trying ahead to tasting it, as I like genuine baklava. I actually favored that the baklava in Egypt was much less candy than the one in Turkey, which I actually loved.

Baklava is an easy, however scrumptious dessert. It’s made with filo pastry layered with totally different nuts, pistachios in Egypt, soaked in sugar syrup.

Date Crammed Biscuits

A plastic bag filled with date biscuits and turkish delight biscuits. Next, there is a second bag with two slices of baklava

My lodge in Aswan was positioned close to a bakery, so I picked up a number of snacks for my lengthy journey to Abu Simbel. Amongst them have been some date crammed biscuits, which have been scrumptious. 


A white container with a diamond shaped brown cake in it

This typical Egyptian desert is constituted of semolina and soaked in syrup. Typically it’s topped with an almond. It is rather candy, however the parts are fairly small.

Umm Ali

A round white bowl filled with cake and topped with white coconut flakes, a thin wafer and a red Maraschino cherry

That is an Egyptian desert with a narrative. Again within the 13th century, to have a good time a victory of her husband the spouse of Sultan Ezz El Din Aybak created this desert. Its title, “Umm Ali”, interprets as “Ali’s mom”.

The desert is sort of a bread budding, made with puff pastry soaked in milk and layered with various things corresponding to sugar, butter, raisins, nuts, and even coconut items.

Widespread Egyptian Drinks

Hibiscus Tea

A metal tray with a cup of cold hibiscus tea, which is bright red. On the tray there is also a metal container filled with sugar and a glass with a teaspoon in it.

For sure, the primary drink in Egypt is tea. The preferred ones are the basic black tea, the mint tea, and the hibiscus tea.

I actually favored the hibiscus tea due to its versatility. This can be very in style within the south, round Aswan, the place you should purchase the dried flowers in bulk, within the souk. You’ll be able to drink hibiscus tea both scorching, to heat your self up, or chilly to chill your self down. When it’s chilly and blended with sugar, it transforms right into a scrumptious juice. 

Turkish Espresso

A white cup of brown Turkish coffee, which looks quite thick. Next to it, on the left, there is a white plate with an orange slice of cake on it.

Turkish espresso, revamped scorching sand, can be extremely popular in Egypt.  The very best place to savour the espresso is in a standard ahwa, an Egyptian espresso home. I loved a cup of Turkish espresso in a beautiful such espresso store, in Alexandria.

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