Choosing Your Social Media Content For You To Dominate 2022

Choosing Your Social Media Content For You To Dominate 2022



Traffic…the ‘holy grail’ of Social Media. Companies spend a fortune driving their traffic up..One of the key ingredients however is Content..You have heard of ‘Content is King’, but how can you choose Social Media Content For You To Dominate 2022?

You may have released article after article, only to find that your efforts have delivered zero results, and now you just want to give up! But, in all truth, you just need a little hand to succeed. One of the Primary ways to ensure that your London business succeeds is by choosing killer content!

Just one small problem…the Pandemic has turned the world on it’s head. London businesses have struggled as never before! Your goal has to be, not just surviving these challenges, but kicking a Social Media Content goal that will ignite your 2022. So, what does this mean for you?

Well, the foundation principles for your Social Media campaign haven’t changed, it’s just that you need to become more professional at delivering it. In practical terms it means that you not only need to creative engaging content, but equally importantly, it needs to be in line with an ever expanding list of content rules. What are some of the rules, or guidelines that we need to become familiar with?


Get The Right Content To Dominate Social Media in 2022


Learn and Stick To The Content Guidelines For Social Media

It hasn’t been an easy year for Social Media. One after the other, streams of allegations of manipulation, exploitation, and just about every other kind of shenanigans you can think of have led to constant inquiries, dissections, and new pervasive, and overwhelming rules. Doesn’t it just make you want to scream! Well, the truth is that even though we may want to bend the rules a little to get a leg up, we have to operate within the guidelines. Think black hat versus white hat SEO. Black hat delivers quick results, whereas White hat is slower…but eventually wins the race! The same is true with your Social Media Content. Don’t just post for shock value, deliver a rewarding experience…think quality ahead of quantity and you’ll start to get my drift!
Yes, the times are difficult, the atmosphere is, in reality, hyper sensitive to what you actually post. The good news is that there is good news! However, really, have the guidelines changed at all? Not really. So, what is the difference in 2022 as compared to 2021?. There is a difference, and the difference is that now you can’t just ignore them, you have to play by the rules. 
So, let’s get stuck in and have a brief look at how you can create, and deliver your social media content to dominate the remainder of 2021, and then 2022.



Can’t Say It Enough…Quality Content!

One of the most annoying things to have emerged over the last few years are the inundation of sales pitches. Marketers have become really adept at hitting us from every angle. But, we have learnt, and adapted! People have become experts too at discerning any message that has the sole purpose of parting them from their cash. As such, creating quality content must impart value to it’s audience, not just depart their cash from them.
So, before hitting that ‘post’ button, you need to ask a key question. Don’t deliver until you ask: Will my content add value to my readers? In other words, am I delivering something of value to my clients? You may think that your product or service is valuable..but is that the way my audience will see it?
Have you ever wondered why reality TV has dominated ratings in recent years? It is no coincidence. The problems that reality ‘stars’ face are the same problems that we face. As such, it’s popularity has soared, and this is no surprise given that the artificially staged content we have been force fed over the last few years has become so predictable, boring, and fantastical. People want change..and they want something they can relate to, and use in their own lives.
This came to the fore for me personally when I saw my kids watching screaming juveniles playing Mine Craft. Now, YouTube videos on how to play Minecraft may not appeal to you or I. However, to kids, it is something they may be doing every day. It is something that is just so relatable to them. And, to top it off, they have a good looking youth, someone they think they will become, delivering these ‘real world’ videos.
Quality Content is King, Queen and the whole Monarchy!

Relate To Be Relevant

Relatability is SO important. My neighbour is a University Professor who is far more qualified that I’ll ever be. He knows about my work on the net, so he decided one day that he would float an idea past me about starting his own site. Inquisitively, I  asked: What kind of website? 
Frankly, I was horrified when he told me that he was thinking about creating a website with the whole purpose of teaching students how to prepare for some exam that I have never heard of. My response was(laughingly): WHY Would You DO That?
Now, truthfully, I guess it does fill the criteria of quality content. But, more importantly, it is not relevant…at least not to anyone I know. So, I asked him to thank about the traffic that this site would many people care about this at all? After a lengthy pause, he gladly told me that he estimated that his website would interest at least 100 students a week! Wow!
Tactfully, I told him not to waste his money, it isn’t worth the time or effort. If you want to be published, I told him, there are plenty of sites that will publish your paper or dissertation. However, to pay to establish, market, and promote a website with only 100 readers a week is little more than chest thumping. It simply is not relatable to any realistic number of people.
So, given that his idea was Quality Content, what do we learn about this? In addition to quality content, your content needs RELEVANCE. Is it an exercise in your own grandeur, or does it strike a chord with your readers? But, how do you discern true relevance, and how can you achieve this?
Relevance means knowing your audience, and delivering what they relate to..what strikes a chord in their thinking or emotions. To do this, you need to know exactly who is going to read your post, who are you aiming it at, and what do they care about? You see, your content .. it’s not about you, it has to be about your audience..Period, full stop, etc.
The net is full of rubbish that no one cares about, don’t add to the pile of you know what. Add relatability to your quality, and you’ll be on FIRE!

Choose The Right Platform

the Importance of choosing the right platform for your content


So, now you know what to create, the next question must be..which is the right platform. As an example, consider Twitter, with it’s 140 or so characters. I’m sure that you agree that any story worth it’s salt can’t be less than 140 characters, can it? Or what about Facebook. Posting political messages, or views on conspiracy theories is not going to go down well these days, is it?
However, choosing the right platform is often more about getting the ‘natural fit’ for your content. For sure you can post pictures on Facebook, but isn’t Instagram a better place for that? You can put short messages on Instagram, but isn’t Twitter a better choice for short and frequent messaging? Get it right and you can grow a loyal list of and you’ll be whistling into the wind. So, choose your platform wisely, and gear up for success in 2022!


The Long And Short Of It

In reality, this is not an exhaustive list of considerations, there are countless more things that you should consider. The principles though, remain the same. Get quality content, that is relevant to your audience, and post it in the right place! Sounds simple, yet countless businesses are not doing this. Over the next year, as we recover from Pandemic induced limitations, we will need to be much more thorough and attentive to these areas. The alternative is failure.
Choosing Your Social Media Content For You To Dominate 2022 is not impossible…stick to the guidelines, put real thought into what you are posting…and get it out there! If you do that, you will dominate 2022!


Happy blogging, Posting, or Influencing!

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