7 Ways To Beat Holiday Blues

7 Ways To Beat Holiday Blues

Why Have Holiday Blues?


It’s supposed to be the happy time of year, an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. However, for some, the holiday season can mean depression..and there is no single reason for it. Often, it can be down to a variety of reasons. For instance, financial pressures, lockdown, or simply an inadequate social life can trigger anxiety and despair. Then, on top of your problems, seeing others having a great time, can exacerbate your holiday blues.

For those of us in London, the dark nights and cold weather can make problems more common. And, it is similar in other areas of the Northern Hemisphere too. Consider the USA.

A staggering 14 percent of North Americans succumb to the “winter blues.”

These blues can be especially overwhelming given the challenging times that we have been experiencing. Social distancing, restricted travel, and other problems make it hard to fulfill family obligations. Our non-participation, or our Zoom participation can lead to great levels of stress.

So, if you are feeling dread, stress, or depression, you are not alone. There are 7 Ways To Beat Holiday Blues. But first, what are the symptoms?


Symptoms Of The Holiday Blues


How do you know if you have symptoms of the ‘Holiday Blues’?

One of the most common symptoms is what is known as ‘amplified depression’. Of whom is this true? It can relate to those who may or may not be suffering from depression already.

One symptom of seasonal depression is when even simple tasks seem much more onerous than normal. Like What? For instance, the simple task of getting out of bed, making your next meal, or having a stroll.

Some other symptoms include:

  • Unusual tiredness
  • No longer finding joy in things that we used to
  • Lack of concentration




7 Ways To Beat Holiday Blues – The Steps


So, as discussed, there are many reasons why you could be suffering. However, it is possible to overcome these feelings, and begin life on a fresh page!( However, if problems persist, seek professional medical advice)

Here are 7 ways to manage with the holiday blues:


  1. Restrict Your Alcohol Intake – The first way is to cut back on the booze. That may not be easy, so try not to keep any in your home. When going out, set a limit of no more than 2 drinks. Why? Over consumption of alcohol can change your moods, and exacerbate any negative emotions that you may be experiencing.
  2. Get more sleep – Set a ‘go to sleep’ time. Keep to that time. You will be amazed at how your moods will improved when you get enough rest. Rest will help you say ‘Good morning lord’, instead of ‘Good lord it’s morning!’
  3. Be courageous and say “no” – Ever feel frazzled? Maybe you are doing too much. This can often lead to strains on your emotions..say no! And mean it!
  4. Try something new – Is your holiday routine stuck in a rut? Try something new, and break out of the inhibiting mold that cramps your feelings.
  5. Spend time with the ones you love – Why not organise a dinner for family or friends? Make it a colourful event, full of fun! You may well soon forget the negativity that has been crushing your soul!
  6. Do more exercise Do you have a favourite band, or song? Put them on your phone, plug in your headphones and get moving! You don’t need an expensive gym, you could simply take a walk around the block .. it will get your endorphins flowing!
  7. Don’t eat too much – It’s hard to go anywhere in the holiday season without a feast. However, you can manage it better. Drink lots of water, and eat some veggies before you go out. You will find that there is less room for eating the kind of foods that shoot down your mood, and send you into a dark place.

Whilst each bout the Holiday Blues is very personal, the above points can cover, and beat, a variety of differing reasons for feeling blue.


Experiment with one or more of the above. It may well help you overcome the holiday blues. However, if they still persist, as always…seek professional help

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