7 Countries On Travel Red List

7 Countries On Travel Red List

Which Are The 7 Countries On The Travel Red List?


In a major piece of good news from the Foreign Office, there will now be 7 countries on the travel red list after the advice for all but essential travel is going to lifted for a further 51 countries.

The countries that remain on the travel red list are from central and South America, meaning that the advice has been lifted for, among others, Jamaica, Argentina, the Bahamas, Chile, Cuba, Indonesia, Mexico, the Seychelles, South Africa and Thailand.

This great news for businesses and holiday makes alike comes straight after the announcement yesterday that 47 destinations would no longer be on England’s travel ‘red list’.

The advice, which is for all but essential travel, is going to be lifted from nations that were classified as ‘amber’. These included: the Bahamas, Jamaica, Côte d’Ivoire, and Martinique.


An Emphasis On ‘Personal Responsibility’.


The announcement means that, from Monday, in addition to the amber list counties, red list countries such as Cuba and Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, and the the Philippines will no longer be subject to the Foreign Office’s guidance. So, from Monday, it will not only make travel to former ‘red list’ countries possible, but the travel will now more likely be covered by travel insurance, which had in most cases been excluded from coverage.

This will make it much easier for people to get travel insurance, as most providers use listed countries as a reason to exclude cover.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss confirmed the decision and said the decision will allow people demonstrate the ability to:


exercise personal responsibility’…These updates make travel abroad easier – boosting trade, tourism and reuniting friends and families…I am delighted that the safe reopening of travel allows people to exercise personal responsibility and visit more destinations across the globe.’


What About Travel To The 7 Red List Countries?


However, despite the good news, what happens for those who still require travel to a red list country? Those who do travel to, and return from, a red list country will have to quarantine in a hotel of the government’s choice for 11 nights, at a cost £2,285 for those who travel alone.

So, the countries that remain on the red list are:


  • Colombia,
  • the Dominican Republic,
  • Ecuador,
  • Haiti,
  • Panama,
  • Peru and
  • Venezuela.


According to Metro, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps spoke about the previous announcement that fully vaccinated arrivals having the option to use a lateral flow test for post arrival, instead of PCR testing, and that this would be available by the end of October, and said:


Yes, that’s right, October 22. That’s the goal and, as I say, the testing companies are gearing up to do that…I’ve spoken to the airports including Heathrow and they even have tests available as you walk through the airport, so you could be done and dusted before you even get home with these things, which will be a massive improvement to having to send off PCR tests to labs and waiting for the results and all the costs involved.’


A Surge In Bookings


Clearly, the lifting of guidance has positively impacted the aviation industry, with British Airways as an example, reporting a 500% increase in holiday searches on it’s website shortly after the announcement( in comparison with a comparable time the day before)

Some of the destinations that seem to be benefitting from the change are Cancun, Cape Town and Johannesburg.



The announcement that 7 countries would be on the Travel Red List, instead of the large numbers previously, is welcome news, and hopefully a sign that the economy can now take a step further in it’s recovery from the challenging times of the last year or so.


The development will not only benefit those who have been removed from the amber and red lists, but can also have a ‘knock on’ effect for local businesses such as airport transfers, travel agents, even clothes manufacturers and suppliers.


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