5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022

5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022

Marketing trends are constantly changing. This is why it is important for healthcare and other related industries to pay attention to 5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022Patients are now approaching healthcare in different ways during the last few years.

Some examples are:

  • Patients no longer solely look for information regarding symptoms or their specific illness online, now they also pay close attention to information regarding the doctors and hospitals that they plan to use.
  • There has been a shift away from solely focusing on how close the hospital is, with a greater emphasis on the quality of the care that they will receive.

With the shifting emphasises, professionals now have to find new ways to rise above the competition by adopting new, and unique marketing strategies.

And, with the recent changes, the focus is now more on how patients will respond to healthcare professionals marketing strategies.

What does that mean in practical terms? Gone are the old ways of marketing healthcare, with engaging patients rising to the top of the list of priorities.

So, this article: 5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022, will list 5 ways that marketing trends can be harnessed to help healthcare companies rise above the competition, and thrive in an ever increasingly competitive market.


1. Optimisation For Mobile Devices

How many people do you know that don’t have a phone on them, or nearby, at all times?

The World has changed so much recently, that Mobiles are practically indispensable…a development that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

When marketing healthcare products and services, the goal has to be to be noticed by as large an audience as possible.

Since most people are using, or have a Mobile Device on them, that is where a heavy focus needs to be concentrated.

Google has become an ‘Oracle’ for almost every aspect of life, so, if your site is not optimised for Mobile Devices, it will probably not rank highly on Google searches…any you could potentially lose a large section of your intended client audience.

2. Share Your Content Resourcefully


Since, as discussed, people will ask Google for nearly every aspect of life, big or small, the responsibility falls on you, the healthcare professional, to provide the kind of original and reliable content that will truly be of value to your audience.

Creating new content on a regular basis will likely show your target audience that you have all the bases covered when it comes to providing what they are searching for.

This then leads to the following couple of content types:

  • Audience Communication: If you want to build personal trust with your audience, you need to communicate effectively. How can you do this? Note their concerns, and their questions. Then, rather than ignore, or belittle those concerns, answer them in your content.
  • Make Your Blog An Educational Tool: Don’t just give the answer, help your prospective clients to learn the why of healthcare. You can do this by blogging about all kinds of topics including diagnosis developments, new illnesses, their cures, and alternative remedies. The list is endless, but the goal is to increase the connection with your audience, educating them as to why, when, where, who, and what.


3. Live Vlogging

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in blogging. Your success will likely multiply if you can Vlog your point, instead of Blog your point, whenever possible.

Recently, we have seen a massive increase in ‘Zoom’ consultations. These have been highly effective, so why not introduce a regular Q&A with your audience?

Long gone are the snail mail replies that were considered satisfactory. Everyone wants to know now! So, make sure your answers are instantly available via Vlogging.

Vlogging fills the need instantly, however, for longevity in impact, you should still incorporate content writing into your marketing, it’s impact will last much longer..even if the initial impact is less.


4. A Credible Reputation


The internet is full of opinions. The trouble is that most of them aren’t worth a can of beans. So, when it comes to medical diagnosis and treatment, it’s important to remove the doubts that your audience may have as to your reputation.

Of course, getting a second opinion is human nature. So, in medical procedures your content may not be the only source that the client will refer to.

This then, leads to ensuring that your opinion is reliably viewed by the audience. One way to achieve this is by gathering patient reviews. When a prospective patient or client can see how well your organization handles it’s services, they will be more likely to put your opinion, or service, at the top of their list.

However tempting it may be, avoid placing fake reviews. They may have an initially positive impact. However, when the truth comes out, your business could be terminally impacted…permanently.


5. An Inbound Marketing Strategy Is Vital Too!


This is by far one of the most rewarding sectors of your marketing strategy! Why is this? Well, an ineffective  inbound marketing strategy can make your irrelevant or invisible, a fate to be avoided at all costs.

Inbound marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. As such, it is a vital cog in the wheel of just about every top organization that will show up in online search results.

There are three ways to be the kind of easy to approach organization that your audience demands:

  1. Great Content,
  2. Effective SEO, and
  3. A great social media identity.


The good thing is, that this is not a new idea. The positive results that other healthcare companies have experienced with inbound marketing should motivate you to expand your campaign into this field too.


Summing up 5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022


We live in unique times. Your healthcare organization needs to move with the times.


The good news is that trends that have already begun over the last few years are likely to continue. They will continue to grow, and gather importance. It is wise now to pay attention to the 5 marketing trends in healthcare to look out for in 2022. However, this leads to the question:


Will You Ride Or Buck The Marketing Trends In Healthcare That Will Be Important In 2022?


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