5 London YouTube Channels To Make You Relax

5 London YouTube Channels To Make You Relax

5 London YouTube Channels To Make You Relax


So, you run a London business, or you work in one…how stressful! Whether you are dealing with Pandemic lockdowns, competitive neighbours, or traffic and other issues…life can be pretty tough. At our London business directory, we face the same issues. However, one of the solutions that we have found is to watch great YouTube videos that help us unwind, and relax.

With this in mind, here are the 5 best(in our opinion) YouTube channels that focus on the Capital we love, but are great to watch over a cool, or hot, beverage in the evening!


John Rogers


John is a history loving, and rambling addict that creates great and informative videos on London, the London Orbital, and historic landmarks around the Capital. Not only does John give us a relaxing forest walk, suburbian ramble, and historic insight, but he almost always ends it with a great Pub recommendation! You can find his channel here.





Mostly Walking


Mostly Walking is more Urban. For great evenings out in London, peaceful strolls along tourist routes, and all the atmosphere of the Capital..without the stress, try Mostly Walking.

The channel is not necessarily relaxing, however, it does allow you to unwind and take in the amazing vibe that makes London the envy of the Western World! I highly recommend the channel, and you can find it here.




Sanpo Stroll


The first London YouTuber that got us excited was Sanpo Stroll. The videos were awesome, and not always featuring congested London thoroughfares.

The downside to Sanpo Stroll is that they haven’t posted anything for a few months, so once you have seen them you will either watch them again, or look for fresh content. However, with that aside, Sanpo Stroll was a Vlogger that we really enjoyed, and we are sure that you will enjoy the videos too.

You can find the channel for Sanpo Stroll here.




Everywhere Is Imagined


However, if you really need to get away from the traffic, give ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ a try. The focus of this channel is country ambience, and the channel achieves it in bucket loads!

The focus of the channel tends towards the West Country, and for someone who has their fill of city life Monday to Friday, the early morning walks, and peaceful streets of the UK countryside, are just the tonic for a well deserved spell of relaxation!

As of today, ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ is till posting regular videos. However, the gentle, therapeutic nature of the Channel’s videos  mean that you can enjoy these time and time again!

You can find the channel for ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ here.







For a bit of variety, we have included ‘Wanderizm’ as a recommended channel to view.

Whilst the channel has the usual City and surrounds in the videos that are hosted there, the quirky edge to the channel is that a fair few of the videos are shot, and shot well, from the vantage point of London travel..specifically from what appears to be a Double Decker Bus! You may think that shooting videos from the top floor of a Bus doesn’t sound amazing, however they are done well. Now, if you don’t need to be reminded of London traffic, then look away. However, most of us are simply too busy to cruise the streets of the Capital, we tend to just go from A to B. So, to take a tour of the burbs, whilst sipping on our favourite evening brew, may be just the ticket!

Wanderizm may not be your first choice for evening relaxation, but it is well worth a visit. You can find the channel here.









We love London. These are some of the great videos that showcase the Capital, the countryside, and the vibe that makes this an amazing place to live!

We hope that you enjoy these channels as much as we do, and look forward to seeing your business listed in our London Business Directory soon!

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