5 Great Business Ideas To Start Now!

5 Great Business Ideas To Start Now!

London is an amazing place to start a business. Even with a high amount of business competitors, good ideas are more often than not fully rewarded.

Being the capital of both England and the UK, it is a hub for trade, finance, design, medical services, research, improvement, business, the travel industry, and so much more!

Starting a small business? London is the place for you.

Yet, which business should you choose? Let us suggest a few of the businesses that have the highest chance for success in London today!

Home cleaning business

Health is a great reason to keep your home tidy..and it makes the place look great too. With the Pandemic, there is a real emphasis on keeping homes clean..and healthy. Starting a home cleaning business? Now is the perfect time!

How can you succeed? Diversify your services and advertise your options. If you can make a special offer for new customers, you will introduce yourself to prospective clients very quickly. Ruby Cleaners from London tried this with great success. They went from a small business to remarkable and rapid growth…seemingly overnight! Their success is a model that can be replicated, so if they can do it…so can you!

Be A Mobile Caterer

Cooking and preparing food in London is somewhat of a luxury. Being that this is a huge city, it is almost impossible to prepare a good, healthy, freshly cooked meal. No wonder so many Londoners are eating out that is. There is one major drawback to this, it can be inconvenient and very expensive. No wonder Uber Eats and others are so popular now.

That is why mobile catering is a great option for the modern age. Most importantly, there is high demand and going out of business is much less likely. Also, it has proven to be a great business model, one that is very popular. On the creative side, try to come up with a unique recipe, or a food that appeals to certain sensitivities, such as Vegan, this will give you a niche marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competitors.

A coffee or tea house

English individuals are well known for their love of tea..and in recent times, coffee too. Being an English person is often synonymous with a hot beverage..or two. Therefore, a coffee shop is a great idea for your next business.

Try to diversify your choice of blends. Focusing on Organic, or ‘Fair Trade’ blends is a good idea, and it is an excellent marketing direction for a new business. The great thing about this business model is that it offers future franchising opportunities if you create a successful and replicable business model.

Football club-themed bar

Other than drinking tea, the average Londoner loves a cold beverage, such as ale. This fits perfectly with football, there can hardly be a better partnership anywhere in the World!. Combine them both, and you have a winning formula. Even if you are not a Football nut yourself, a minimal amount of knowledge is needed to create a winning formula. If your area has a particularly favourite team, setting up a sports bar there will have a high chance of success.

There are a lot of clubs in London and every one has its own fan base. Time it all well, and you can get significant business from pre and post game crowds. Once your reputation is established, locals will frequent you to meet other fans of their club, or to watch the game on the Big Screen.

Tourism Guide

London is one of the best modern communities in the word, and yet, it is a city with an extremely long history. Since London’s history is so much more than the Dark Ages, tit’s history is both diverse, and enthralling. Many individuals from everywhere the world come to see the sights of London and you can exploit that.

A tour guide is an excellent way to ride the popularity of the city. You can specialise in a certain attraction, or you can embrace the extensive history of the city. Nonetheless, focusing on a niche part of the history and culture of London is much more popular than you would think. There is no end to the tourist season in London, so starting a tour guide business will keep you busy right throughout the year.

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