4 Of The Best Post Covid Places To Visit Now

4 Of The Best Post Covid Places To Visit Now

Our Suggestions For 4 Of The Best Post Covid Places To Visit Now!


It’s an itch that you couldn’t scratch! Your need to travel was an itch that couldn’t be scratched. However, with the reduction in red list countries, you can finally now scratch that itch! With that in mind, here are 4 of the best post Covid places to visit now.


One of the best loved places to travel, that is only a few short hours from London, is Turkey. However, it’s inclusion on the travel ‘red list’ meant that it has been out of bounds..until now.

With it’s wonderful beaches and amazing city of Istanbul, Turkey holds great charm for the UK traveller. However, Turkey is far more than just a place to sunbathe, or escape the winter chill. It is a land of contrasts, with it’s feet in two continents, and it’s thousands of years of history. If you want sun plus intellectual stimulation, this is YOUR destination!

Visiting Turkey is an opportunity to see the amazing remnants of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, as reflected in it’s mosaics, mosques, and even the amazing food that you will sample! Why not take a trip to the green clad, steeply sloped shores of the Black Sea? Whatever, you decide to do, and there is plenty to choose from..Turkey will never disappoint.

Requirements To enter, you will need to prove full vaccination, or evidence of recent recovery, or negative PCR Test. In addition, you will also need to complete a  health registration form. You could also be subject to spot PCR tests, so be prepared. You can find the latest Foreign Office advice on Turkey, and any issues to be aware of  here.

The Situation There It has been announced that over half of Turks have been vaccinated. However, risks vary from region to region, so due diligence is important. Also, remember to wear face masks in public..this is dealt with quite firmly.



Greece set the goal of returning to ‘normal’ tourism asap. As such, they have been ready mentally..and now practically to welcome you back.

This European nation has an amazing 3,000 islands to explore. And, if it is culture that you crave, the mainland has vibrant cities, and echoes of a long, and varied history to discover! When you are sick of the hustling cities, why not escape to the breathtaking mountains for some R&R?

Requirements As with Turkey, Greece requires either proof of full vaccination, or a negative PCR test. You can also travel there if you have been positive to Covid in the recent past. These requirements are for all travellers, 12 years and over.

When travelling, you will need to complete a passenger locator form more than one day before travelling. More details on the entry requirements can be seen here.

The Situation There  To find the latest situation in Greece, see here, However, Facemasks are expected in indoor settings and venues, and proof that you have been vaccinated will be required to enter restaurants, bars, museums and other places with large crowds. Whilst Greeks have a lower vaccination take up than other places, tourist spots are generally well catered for.



If less travel is the go, Malta is a great place for sun lovers. This rocky land tapers to a coastline that has many harbours, grottoes, and private coves, perfect for a relaxing escape!

Malta has a great blend of different cultures, predominantly Arabic, Italian..and even British! So, you can get away, or stay in familiar territory, all with the sun warming your UK winter chill!.

Requirements To visit, you must be fully vaccinated, and bring a certificate to prove it. Vaccination is required for any age from 12 years on. And, even 5-11 year olds will need a negative PCR test, so be prepared. If these requirements seem difficult to remember, consult more information which can be found here.

The Situation There  Restrictions have been easing since May 2021, however, seating at restaurants has still some limitations. Also, be prepared to wear a face mask, they are generally required.. The good news is that Malta has a very high vaccination rate, so you have one more reason to relax!



If sun is not your primary concern, why not consider Iceland? This unusual destination features a mixture of fire and ice. You can explore the country with an 820 mile self drive tour, or, if you want something less exerting, you can sample a bar crawl in Reykjavik!. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to see the amazing waterfalls and volcanic springs!

Requirements As with other destinations, you will need to prove vaccination, or recovery from Covid to enter Iceland. The good news is that quarantine rules have been removed, if you do the PCR test.. For the latest requirements see here.

The Situation There Some restrictions have been brought back following a spike in cases in August, however, Iceland has a wonderfully high vaccination rate, so the risk of severe infection is quite low. However, due to the spike, be prepared for some limitations..



In Summary,


Here we have included 3 sun soaked, and one icy cool destinations to consider for a perfect get away.

We hope that your new wings will soon fly and take you to 4 of the best Post Covid Places To Visit Now!

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