3 Recommended Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

3 Recommended Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

We are all hungry for knowledge and Twitter is at the peak of range, quality, and content. Everyone, and everyone’s business can’t seem to operate these days without Social Media! And, as a trend, we believe that in 2022, this will only become even more important to just about everyone. But, have your Twitter tastes changed recently? Most people find that what interests you on Twitter today, may not be the same tastes as you have tomorrow. This change is only exacerbated when times change, as they have so strongly over the last year or so. Therefore, it is very likely that your tweeting tastes have also morphed, and become more relevant to the changed times in which we now live. 2022 will likely focus on getting back on track, so what Twitter accounts will be at the forefront of demand ? We believe that several candidates will perform strongly.

So, with that in mind, here are our 3 Recommended Twitter accounts to follow in 2022


BBC Travel Show (@BBCTravelShow)

Travel has been very restricted recently. Who knows what each day will bring, sometimes allowed, sometimes not? But, the great thing is, that even if you can’t travel, your mind can do the job for you! The BBC travel show can be your mind’s airport! It features travel experiences and tips. So, why not travel with the aid of the experiences of others? The great thing about that is that other people’s experience can help you plan for what interests you the most, so that when the opportunity to travel does happen, you know exactly where to go!

And one great thing about the BBC, is they serve up a feast of travel without too many waffles! The BBC may not have the colour of some travel mediums, but it then your planned trip is about reality..not fiction!

You can find the BBC Travel show here.


The Economist (@TheEconomist)


The Economist is an absolute must for news on politics, entertainment, and technology. Now, we know that these issues are not always the most interesting of subjects ( with the exception of entertainment! ), but, they have come to be more and more on the tips of London tongues due to Covid recently, and as such, they are now everyday topics of  conversation.

And, when you need to get your facts straight, try the Economist. It’s Twitter updates will give you exactly what you need to be authority on all things political, technological, and entertainment! For UK business owners, it would be easy to do worse than rely on The Economist to keep up with the changing times. We view them as an indispensable resource for London businesses in navigating the path forward.

You can find The Economist here.


Funny Or Die


Will Ferrell….let us say that again…Will Ferrell! Who doesn’t love Will? Ok, well some of you may not..but we don’t care! We love Will, and this site is all things Will.

But, you ask: What does Will Ferrell have to do with this Twitter account? Actually, a whole lot! How could it be otherwise, after all the Twitter handle has as it’s description: “Will Ferrell is our boss. We love to make you laugh.”

But, suppose you don’t care for Will Ferrell? (we know that’s not possible) What other reasons are there to follow ‘Funny Or Die’? Well, because we all need to lighten up a whole bunch. Times have been way too serious lately, and at times…well, really, all the time…we need to lose the frown, and gain the smile!

Funny Or Die reflects the many years of comedic experience that only Will Ferrell can bring. If you don’t believe this, simply go to their Twitter account and try not to laugh. It may not be as easy as you think!

To find ‘Funny Or Die’, go here.


Our 3 Recommended Twitter Accounts To Follow in 2022 – We Think They Will Be Required Reading For You Too!


London local businesses directory knows what London businesses need right now. Times have been tough, but we need to move forward, how can we do this? We need to let go of the painful last couple of years, readjust our goals, and move forward!

Our recommended best Twitter accounts to follow in 2022 list give you a little step up in achieving those objectives. So, if you are ready to laugh, learn, and tweet, then check out our recommended list! You will probably find that it will soon become your list too!

So, in 2022, it’s time to let go, re focus, and move ahead…Keep going, we know you can do it!

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