3 of the best London business podcasts you should listen to today!

3 of the best London business podcasts you should listen to today!

 Why Three of the best London business podcasts you should be listening to today?



Podcasts are not new, and already cover a vast range of subjects, but they are growing in popularity and production value, and the hosts and guests are a cut above. I find there is no better way to fill in my spare time than by absorbing expertise and learning to improve my understanding of issues by listening to guests talk about their experiences.


One of the things that makes London so great is the cultural and multilingual diversity of our capital city. Thirty-seven percent of London’s population were born outside of the UK. In fact, apart from English, the top five languages spoken in London are Bengali, Polish, Turkish, Gujarati, and Panjabi, with honorable mentions for French and Arabic.


Podcast producers and translation services in London, who aren’t planning to engage with these communities with multilingual podcasts are really missing out on reaching their full potential with existing listeners and in the discovery of new audiences. I mean, if you already have a multilingual audience, why not tap into the rest of it?


Here are three of my favorites. With so many available to you, you can pick and choose the topics that interest you, and find the podcasts that will brighten up your day, and may just enhance your business, and language skills.


Which is the best podcast for business news and opinions?

Business Casual


I often check back to Business Casual, eager for the next episode. Here is why it is a top pick to start off your business day.


When you listen in to host Kinsey Grant, one of the writers of The Morning Brew, you’ll often find yourself nodding, shaking your head, and saying “wow” out loud. This podcast isn’t a dry exercise in stats and terminology, but full of insights and surprises. Grant interviews the biggest names in business and asks them the questions you’d want to ask yourself. However, as the name suggests, Business Casual keeps things light, entertaining, engaging, and relevant to us, the audience, as the podcast examines future trends in business.


Our host, Grant, is assured as he sits down with key industry professionals and examines, in detail, their skills and experience in their niche. They discuss the full scope of business, with current news, political challenges, and legal issues, and looking toward the future for the industry in the UK.


Grant is always objective and balanced in his views, even on the more controversial subjects. Some of the podcast titles include, “Authors are taking matters into their own hands”, and “Our economy needs workers to learn new skills.”


This podcast is a fantastic place to tune in to the insights and opinions of the movers and shakers in your industry and stay up to the moment with the most important business news and views. Business Casual is certainly a podcast you’ll want to keep an ear on in 2021 and beyond!


Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Chartable, Google Play, TuneIn, and Soundcloud.


Which is the best podcast for careers and jobs? 

Career Talk


Not quite a guilty pleasure, but certainly no-holds-barred, listening to Career Talk makes me feel like I’m a smarter employee, and already a step ahead of the career game.


When you join host Stephanie Dennis, you join her one-woman crusade to empower people to take control of their professional lives with the best in career advice.


The Career Talk podcast takes a light-hearted and entertaining approach to professional working life. Don’t be fooled by the fun she is having hosting the podcast – Dennis really knows her stuff. The podcast can help you do better in your professional life, with expert tips on how to start your search, ace any interview, and make the workplace a happier and more productive place.


Stephanie Dennis and her guests don’t pull any punches and get right down to the best tips, tactics, and advice to help you get ahead of the rest with your career choices. They also have too much fun producing Career Talk, and it shows, as you get sucked in and start chuckling along with Dennis. Watch out, you may appear crazy as you laugh out loud over your morning coffee.


So I highly recommend checking out Career Talk: Learn – Grow – Thrive, as featured in the New York Times, Inc.com, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider, and more!


Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart, Google Play, TuneIn, and Soundcloud.


Which is the best podcast for digital marketing?

The Digital Marketing Podcast


This has been my weekly fix for all things online marketing for years now and is a real must-listen if you are already working in online marketing, or just interested in catching the latest news, views, and insights. This weekly digital marketing podcast hosted by Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers has been around for nearly a decade with listeners spanning one hundred and ninety countries worldwide.


This fortnightly podcast is great for those who want to grow a brand online. The podcast combines interviews with experts in global branding, presented together with the latest news, views, tips, and strategies to set your digital marketing apart from the rest.


The banter between hosts Daniel and Ciaran provides great entertainment while they discuss all the different systems, tips, and strategies that can help you to grow your online audience. They examine the latest platforms and break down the tools and terminology in a way that is fun, engaging, and friendly to layman’s ears.


Making technical jargon and complex systems digestible, and even fun for us is their superpower. Daniel and Ciaran are both professionals, but know how to produce a perfectly balanced podcast for your daily commute, stuffed with information, and high on entertainment.


Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Soundcloud, with RSS.


What comes next for listeners in London? Multilingual podcasts


I bumped into Ofer Tirosh recently at the London Book Fair. A large number of podcast and audiobook publishers were in attendance there. He is the CEO of Tomedes, a company offering translation services in London, and around the world. We discussed the topic of podcasts we both enjoy listening to for business advice and news. We shared many of the same opinions, but as he is originally from Israel, I wanted to ask him if he found many podcasts translated in Hebrew? This piqued his interest. He observed that it was strange that in this multicultural age, despite having provided translation services in London and native voices for some producers, that more podcasts weren’t multilingual? 


I had to agree, despite the growing popularity of podcasts, they seem to be missing a large chunk of their audience. I do get asked a lot by my Asian community friends in London about what to listen to? I quickly realized that some of them are being left behind as they are non-native English speakers, having to listen to podcasts almost exclusively in ‘business English’. They would be engaging a lot more with podcasts if the topics were presented by hosts in their native Mandarin, or Tagalog, or Japanese.


The case for translation for these and other languages is pretty clear for these professional English-language producers: translating and then rerecording episodes with native voice talent is a moderate one-off expense, but it makes the shows accessible to millions of more people in London, and internationally. Not only are there plenty of potential listeners out here to engage and share views, but with localization services, these multicultural audiences can help generate fresh buzz, and with it fresh revenues for companies.


So as I sip my coffee, and listen to episodes from all these business podcasts, I am confident that in the near future translation services in London, such as Tomedes, and podcast producers will join forces to bring people the very best listening experience for everyone in London, and around the globe. We have the future in our ears!


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