2 Great Ways To Follow A Hashtag on Twitter

2 Great Ways To Follow A Hashtag on Twitter

Method 1: If You Need To Follow A Hashtag on Twitter, Here Is The Easiest Way

When you search for a hashtag on Twitter, they save it in the list of recent searches, which makes it easy to find.

From there, it is simple! When you want to check what has been tweeted under this hashtag, you only need to click on the search bar, and Voila! Your recent searches appear.recent searches.

Twitter has been set up to be ‘user friendly’ when it comes to this particular feature

Deleting it is also easy too. To delete your hashtag recent searches, simply click on the ‘x’ next to the result, and your search will be erased.


Method 2: Twitter Has Given You An Explore Page (#) Where You Can Follow a Hashtag on Twitter


5 ways to follow a hashtag on Twitter | London Business Directory



Another great feature, that makes this user friendly, is the “Explore page” of Twitter

As shown, it is under your Home Tab, and is easy to recognise by the # symbol. It is also personalised for your profile!

So, here’s how it goes:

The Explore Page allows you to manually choose which hashtags to follow.

But, it is more than that, it can also show you the hashtags that are of interest to you, How? Well, it does this by focusing on the accounts that you are following.

But how do they choose those hashtags?:

Twitter knows which accounts you are following. It then prioritises them, and organises those selections in the ‘Explore tab’. QED!

Twitter has really gone to town to ensure that following a # on Twitter is a stress free pursuit..give it a try!.



So, let’s break it down…Here Is A Step By Step Guide To Following A Hashtag on Twitter Using The Explore Tab!


Following Hashtags on Twitter Using The Explore Tab - London Business Listings


Firstly: Locate, and follow any accounts that have the type of hashtags that interest you.

Secondly: Follow the accounts that are posting those hashtags frequently. Whilst it is not as precise as other methods, you will get a high volume of search results for that hashtag, and Twitter will recognise that this is of interest to your London business, and add it to you priority search results.

Thirdly: Be patient! Those results will record. All you need to do is check your ‘Explore’ tab after a few short days, and you’ll see those priority hashtags each on the Tab. As mentioned, this is a more time consuming method, however it is effective, especially when used in conjunction with other methods. A use of a combination of methods is a good way to ensure that the results that you really need don’t fall through the cracks!






As business owners in London, time is a precious commodity. To conduct your Social Media campaign, Twitter is an essential resource, one that must not only be used, but also handled effectively.

And, as a business owner, you want to ensure that your staff, or contractors, are making the best use of their time, in order to ensure that ROI is maximised. So, using the Hashtag(#) feature on Twitter is vital.

It will not only help you to see which subjects that are important for your business are brought to your attention quickly, but will also enable you to be able to adjust the course of your planning and strategy effectively.

Whilst Twitter Hashtag location and following is not the only strategy that will make your business successful, it is certainly a strategy that should be included in your overall Digital Marketing campaign. So, we hope that you find this short article on how to follow a hashtag on Twitter helpful. Don’t forget to list your London Business Here. At London Local Businesses, we help you to find, list, and grow!

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